elrow NYC: Psychrowdelic Trip | Open Air Festival


Saturday July 24, 2021

7 PM to 6 AM

at The Brooklyn Mirage

elrow NYC: Psychrowdelic Trip | Open Air Festival
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Desert Hearts

Get ready to jump into the wildest hippy commune ever - shout, make elrow, not war, feel the good vibes from Goa, Ibiza, San Francisco and get those bare feet dancing to the sixties beat. Hug a tree, hug a flower, hug whatever and whoever, as long as you spread a bit of love and laughter.

Live the summer of love with kaleidoscopically painted vans and caravans as wellas everything else you need to have the trippiest of trips. Don’t miss the the garden, with its glowing psychedelic plants that nobody knows where they came from.

Get ready for some groovy energy behind the bases and and beats. We’re laying down some lysergic sitar tracks to get you into a special mood and fly you off into peace and love heaven.

In true hippy style nobody’s going to tell you what to do except open up both your mind and your third eye, and set off on a groovy lysergic-astral-mindblowing trip to the sixties. Share the love, the peace and good vibes and dance in harmony until you drop.

All elrow NY tickets for the shows rescheduled due to the pandemic will be automatically valid in July. There is nothing you need to do, just hold on to your tickets!We appreciate your understanding, support and patience.

Practice your dance moves and get ready for us to throw you a party like nothing you’ve ever seen before!!!

We love you All 

The Brooklyn Mirage

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